Worst CNBC shows

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  1. what are the worst CNBC shows and segments?

    I would have to say the worst are:

    1. The faber report. Only about 2 minutes, but utterly worthless and useless.

    2. Squack Box

    3. The bad idea with donny douche

    4. Mad money

    5. Fast money

    any more ideas?
  2. what's worse than cnbc, is you and that's pretty bad.

  3. Morton's


    Kudlow's show is the worst.

    Any segment with dennis Neale is sometimes as bad, if not worse.
  4. rickf


    Fast Money - I do 'appreciate' the first segment where they summarize the market action as a recap. The rest is....so-so, but does provide some periodic food for thought.

    Mad Money - entertaining and at times a good nugget or two of insight/strategy that I might not have considered before, but I think Cramer's off his meds this past few months.

    Squak Box - somewhat okay, but they have too much cross-chatter/gabfests. It's like the "Today Show" for business buffs.

    Squak on The Street - Erin was nice to wake up with, but Mark Haines, while I used to like his dodering manner, just got annoying. That "wakey wakey" crap for the west coast drove me bannanas.

    Dennis Neal = a whiny shrill pompous twit who justifies instant muting in my book.

    Overall CNBC has gone down the tubes bigtime in the past year. I rarely watch it now that I have Bloomberg to wake up with. At least Bloomberg is 24-hour, informative, non-sensational, doesn't cheerlead, and doesn't try to be "reality television for business buffs."

    The *only* good thing about CNBC for me these days is the commentary by Rick Santelli. If they would package his stuff via podcast I would subscribe in a heartbeat.

    But I watch CNBC *rarely* these days. And you know what? I'm probably a better investor and trader as a result.
  5. The fast money guys always call the top it seems. They were bullish on Brazil the day EWZ peaked at 88.
  6. I don't believe I have ever heard someone as universally condemned as this Dennis Neale. I find him very annoying myself. He manages to combine stupid and condescending.
  7. This bear market should take care of him soon.
  8. Fast money is the only show I like.
  9. Hedge22


    I enjoy the squawks in the morning, they usually have some nice guests and it is them just discussing the news with less opinions built in. Then of course street signs with Burnsy. I dont mind mad money or fast money, if i am by a tv ill watch them.

    The worst in no particular order:
    Big Idea with Donnie Douche - Ive only seen one show that was worth watching, buffetts kids were on, the rest suck. is it necessary to put it on 5 days a week?
    Larry Krud low - Just gets annoying even if i agree with him on a lot of things.
    Suze WhoreMan - The worst show hands down. "well suze i got 29k in debt but i want to buy a new trailer home, should i take a loan at 17% or 23%, what do you think" every caller is a retard and i have never heard an actually intelligent question.

    Was I the only one that used to enjoy On The Money with Melissa Francis and Darren Rovell? It was much better than the 3 i listed above.
  10. I agree, Neale is moron with a face made for radio.
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