Worst call by cramer ever?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by otcstockfund, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Said today would be biggest point gain ever for S&P and Dow today at the open
  2. Within one minute of him babbling those words, the markets started selling off.

    How can anyone listen to anything he says?

    CNBC is such a disgraceful "business channel".
  3. Yeah, I couldn't believe he said that.
    Why would he make such a crazy statement, with the odds of him being right are astronomically against him?
    That must have been him loading up on es in the middle of the night.
  4. Ouch futures look like heading into red territory.
  5. sprstpd


    Cancel his show, he sucks.
  6. Watching CNBC these days is like watching the cheerleaders of the worst high school football team you've ever seen....they keep cheering, and the team keeps losing! :p

  7. It's insight into the mind of dumb money.
  8. actually would be good to keep him around, just do the opposite of what he says :)
  9. Now THERE'S and idea for a channel.

  10. If this market rolls over and closes red I might just tape his show so I can see how he reacts tonight. I can see it now, sleeves rolled up, pit stains, maybe a towel to wipe off the beads of sweat..."Oh man! This is worst than I thought! Oh man! The fed didn't do enough! I though they did enough! But, Oh man I was wrong!"

    There's always a bull market somewhere....yeah there's a bull market in shorting these rallies!! :D
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