Worshiping at the altar of MOARLA

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Newman, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Newman


    I am so sick of those of you who believe that if you can't make it trading.

    That means no one trading from home with their own capital can.

    There is a guy on ET called Moarla, this guy is 10000% legit retail successful trader.

    Don't bother reading his posts, I already saw them all. He is a tight lipped skinny European.

    He won't help you.

    But if you ever wondered if its possible. Ask Moarla.

    Moarla is kind of like a dildo up the wazoo for people like cgarcia and Trader Zones etc etc

    As for Jack Hershey, Moarla could snort him with a single inhale :p
  2. Were you on Seinfeld????

    Sounds like it.
  3. Newman


    Jack how sad is it that your income is being paid to post on ET
  4. somehow, the only thing this post did, is confirm you a a poster child for the home for the inane...

    brilliant things from Moarla (3 elementary school errors in 3 lines) such as

    moarla (03-26-10 02:26 PM)
    Interaktive brokers is a ECN.
    Or they are lying:
    From there homepage:
  5. Newman


    I don't expect you not to defend yourself, but at some point you need to become a real trader

    otherwise what's the point of you posting on ET

    I think you dislike me because you envy my rationality. :cool:
  6. Newman


    He happens to be European with poor English

    Why the hell am I even trying to teach you common sense
  7. the only sad thing is, you were able to respond in 4 minutes. Must be painful at the Home for the Inane, where you have nothing to do but be stupid.

    You will be on ignore, so feel free to whack off...
  8. Traderzones, you need a life man!

  9. Newman


    I've been watching TZ post for a while and I have to come to conclusion that he is not a very smart man.

    He keeps attacking every attempt at trading by anyone.

    It's that classical village mentality. I can't do it. So you can't either.
  10. well, he's surely surly

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