"worse Under U.s. Control Than Saddam"iraq A Year After

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  1. Smiles over Saddam's fall a distant memory
    Cost of pacifying Iraq rising as U.S. battles insurgents on 2 fronts

    Nothing has changed'

    “They break into houses in the middle of the night and arrest innocent people,” he said, “and they’ve given us less then we had under Saddam. People are jobless, they distort our religion and they’re taking our oil and living in Saddam’s palaces. Nothing has changed. They’ve become like him, yet they pretend they’re here to help us.”

  2. stated that it was a severe tactical mistake by Rumsfeld to go into this war with not enough troop strength. As a result, the "weeds have now taken root and are threatening the entire garden."

    The question is, can the "weeds" be erradicated without damaging the entire garden.

    Again, another miscalculation by the Bush Administration which has lead us into this problem of dealing with urban combat in the Streets of Fallujah with Muslim insurgents. Senator John McCain, General Franks, General Shinseki, and others have all voiced their concerns about not going in "hard" enough in the beginning, and Fallujah, Kufa, Kut, and Najad are all examples of this miscalculation.
  3. I don't recall any of them complaining at the time about not going in "hard", although there was some grumbling about boots on the ground.

    I think it should be obvious the occupation strategy was a total screwup from the start. They have fallen into this urban combat quagmire, seemingly without even appreciating that this is exactly the same mistake we made in Nam, ie getting ourselves sucked into jungle warfare on the enemy's home turf. It takes away our advantages of firepower and technology and plays to our weakness of being concerned about casualties.

    I have a lot of respect for the Marines, but I think they maybe didn't understand what they were getting into in Fallujah and used the wrong tactics.

    Still, we can end this insurgency within a week, if we have the will and are prepared to tolerate a hundred thousand dead Iraqis. Just bomb the insurgent cities to the ground. End of problem.

    Of course, we criticized Saddam severely and called him a mass murderer and monster for doing pretty much the same thing.
  4. *shakes head slowly*...

    They should be tortured... just for whining.


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  5. And NOW they are comparing the poor Iraqi people to WEEDS. Nice.

    In my mind there is only one solution then... aerial spray them with TRIMEC® herbicide.
  6. New public enemy number one...

    This is one ugly fuck....of a cleric....or terrorist, depending on what your point of view is.

  7. Not sure if that is hoplessness laced sarcasm, your comment about bombing.

    CNN's quote from a Sunni insurgent should be read with skepticism, as they are sour grapes talking.

    The fact is, we know precious little about Iraq, and don't have a a finger on the pulse of the the various factions and groups in thier population.

    It's not clear how Rumsfeld and Bush thought 150,000 troops, many of whom serve in the rear anyway, could administrate an occupation in a hostile country of 25,000,000. That's 1 troop for every 220 people. And less if you exclude logistics personnel.
  8. So the occupation strategy was a fuck up, but the invasion wasn't?

    So we have no WMD, a cluster fuck of an "occupation" and no one has been fired. No one takes the blame.

    Geez, why do you think the future conquests of GW will be any different?

    Bomb the insurgents to the ground, like Dresden? Or Hiroshima?
    Or Nagasiki?

    That will show them the power of democracy when you voice your opinion against it. The Iraqi people and their neighbors will love us even more for that. That will end recruiting by Al Queda, and then the Iraqi people will hail us as liberators. The Jihad will end, and the oil will flow like rain.

    Man, you have a serious problem if you think we can just bomb the shit out of our problems.

  9. ElCubano


    this will never happen...so in other words we should just withdraw our troops....it shouldnt matter what mess we leave IRAQ in for it is a mess already and if by chance we can control it once we hand over the key it will just be a mess again....sometimes life is like trading; you have to cut ur losses short....
  10. Yeah... HE should be killed... just for his guilty looks - he LOOKS guilty - so kill him... pls.

    Look at his... eyes... obviously he is "Evil." They must kill him.

    If Bush our leader kills people because they are "Evil" then people who LOOK guilty in Iraq should be killed too.

    Hey... this is starting to get fun!
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