Worse than depression?

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  1. http://www.moneyandmarkets.com/major-announcement-33131

    "The questions are: Will the decline be short ... or will the government's massive money printing ensure that it's far longer? Will it be followed by a robust recovery ... or will the monetary madness ensure that it's followed by years of economic decline?"
  2. By the way the market has behaved the last month, it would appear everything is either priced in or all bad things have come and gone.
  3. That's the kind of quote that can come back & haunt you:eek:
  4. That's what the Gummint wants us to believe such that we return to an "excessive borrow-and-spend" life style... tax revenues dependent upon it, of course.

    Odds are, we're really in the 2nd or 3rd inning of economic morass... and nobody wants to acknowledge THAT!
  5. I beg to differ. Projected default rates in HY bonds acknowledge that :)
  6. Maybe... but they don't WANT to!

    And data to the contrary, the Gummint is ready to say, "Negatives are not real. Don't worry, be happy"... :(
  7. The government has backed itself into a corner where the only option is to try to ignite and re-inflate the economy by spend spend spending. Will it work? Not if unemployment doesnt decline along with the spending.
  8. Why are you quoting an article/ site whose primary purpose os to sell things? That is called an "advertisement" :

    "First, buy multiple copies of the book for your family, your community, and your representatives in Congress. If you click here, it will take you to our web page that gives you a choice of four online booksellers for immediate purchase, plus a 100 percent Weiss Research credit for each and every copy you buy."
  9. I don't AGREE with it, just stating what it would seem based on the irrational behavior of the market :)
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    They are wishing and hoping if they believe that is the way to economic recovery. Spending our way out of it is what has led to this crisis, it might have worked in the past, however this time its totally different. Everyone believes the economy is just going to get off running again once they throw money at the problems, this is not the case. Creating jobs can put someone of a bottom in this downturn however where the hell are jobs going to come from.
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