Worried about getting fired, whats the best approach?

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  1. My gf works for a Fortune 500 company as a sales rep making a good salary + commission. She was ranked #4 out of her 20 person group her first year, #2 her second year. It was then cut to 15 people last year and she finished 10th, and she is last this year.

    Nobody has said anything about cutting her, but she is totally stressed about her job security, so much so that she hasnt slept well in a month. I suggested a preemptive talk with her boss might ease her concern. To go to her with a game plan on how she is going to improve her numbers, and also ask her straight out if her job is in jeopardy. I believe that if the boss says that my gf doesnt have to worry about being fired, she isnt then going to turn around and fire her. And its not like my gf bringing up job security to her boss will then give the boss reason to notice her disappointing numbers.

    My gf thinks that she should just be a "rah-rah" person in the company, be positive and try to get her numbers up. But unfortunately unless she pulls in some crazy deals in the next month or so, she is still going to be stressing it. So whats the best course of action if worried about job security at a big company?
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    While it certainly depends a lot on the individual and the corporate culture, I wouldn't count on this being the case. It's not uncommon for the employee in question to be the last to find out. Even if supervisors already know.

    IMO do her best to improve hers sales, while simultaneously and quietly looking for other opportunities just in case.

    Plan "B", get her boss laid.