Worm Attack

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  1. Apparently this latest variant of a similar worm called "Code Red" is infecting a known exploit with MS SQL Servers.

    So, unless you are a business using a SQL server, this worm will have no effect on your personal computer except to possibly cause minor delays in reaching certain areas of the internet.

    90% of this crap wouldn't happen if system administrators kept current with security patches and fixes.

  2. Slashdot is a great resource. The amazing think about geeks is that there is always a super-geek out there that makes you look like an amateur. Slashdot is home to some big-time, heavy-hitting, soda and pizza eatting ultra-geeks. Great resource for people who want to learn how things work (some of the posts are very technical, though).
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    Well, that's too optimistic. If the net is congested, many service will malfunction.


  4. Thank you for these replies...

    Is this worm likely to cause stuff like Paltalk to freeze up?
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    This thread should go to Software forum.

    Please respond in my "worm attack" thread that I started earlier. Hey, do not preempt my fill.

  6. 100% of this crap wouldn't happen if the malicious people who write this crap, didn't write it and instead put their talents to a constuctive, rather than a destructive use.
  7. but will not affect integrity of your data or of your hardware/software.
    Good thing it happened on a week end night, nothing worse than having delay on feed or broker.
  8. That's what you get for direct-routing your thread to the Software Exchange. You should have used SMART, which would have sent it right to the Trading Exchange.
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