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    I'd like to listen to your opinions on if and how the worm attck will affect trading on Monday.

  2. By Monday most of the effects will be only memories and for most will only be found out about after-the-fact. This attack is being made more of than really needed. Most IT departments have the appropriate measures in place. :)
  3. Kevin Mitnick is allowed to use the computer and now we get another internet wide attack. Talk about fast!


  4. Is this worm capable of disabling Paltalk and other chat protocols? ... mine is down :(
  5. If certain servers get overloaded, various things could slow down to a halt or cease to function.

    There has been an ongoing attack on DALnet (IRC chat). They are about to bite the bullet because of it.

    Could Attack on DALnet Spell End for IRC?

    For at least a month, distributed denial of service (define), or DDOS, attacks have been crippling DALnet, one of the world's largest Internet Relay Chat (define) networks, bringing it to its knees and raising the possibility that many hosting providers may refuse to host IRC servers at all.

    "DALnet is presently suffering extensive and prolonged Distributed Denial of Service attacks against our IRC servers, Web server, mail servers and DNS systems," DALnet said on its Web site. "These attacks are causing great inconvenience and financial loss to many of the organizations that host our services, as such some of them have suspended or discontinued their support of DALnet."

  6. This explains why I havent been able to get into the #politics room on Dalnet for a long while...
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    i would not be surprised if realtick/TAL users (such as myself) will not be trading on monday -- realtick servers have been completely inaccessible for almost 24h now. even their DNS records have expired.

    - jaan
  8. You've got to be kidding me.
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    Add MyTrack to the list. It's been inaccessible for 24 hours also.
    Where can I find more about this "worm" ?
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