Worldwide Mercedes-Benz sale rose 22% in August

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  1. LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Worldwide sales of Mercedes-Benz vehicles rose 22% to 81,000 units in August, German car maker Daimler AG aid Friday. It was the tenth consecutive month of double-digit increase. Daimler said it aims to achieve double-digit growth at Mercedes-Benz for 2010.

    For all double dip recession(istas) something to think about....
  2. I don't know MB's particulars, but BMW have climbed down off of their high horse and have been offering much better deals than in the past. They've been rewarded with a big jump in units moved.
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    impressive numbers for "crisis ".
    just got back from local MB dealer..latest MB's all look so cheap inside. specially C. paint quality on all 2010 models I've seen in showroom just awful. and kinda odd design inside. looks like f* ikea

    compare this(2007)-


    and this(2010)-


    for my wifey i'm planning to buy couple years old CLS instead-


    now that's a luxury right there :p

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    No question I'd go with the 07!

    I was wanting to trade my 04 E500, but after looking at the new stuff, I'll keep what I have for now.
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  8. NEW CLS about to be released for sale looks very sharp.......MB has some very sharp vehicles right now. New S class and E class all over where I live in Lakeway area....MB sell very well here in Austin.

    New CLS.........
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    This is one more confirmation of the aging of world population.
    The buyers of this brand are usually wealthy persons far above 60.
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