Worldwide July chip sales rise 1.2% from June, 37 % yoy

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  1. BOSTON (MarketWatch) -- The Semiconductor Industry Association said Monday that worldwide semiconductor sales totaled $25.2 billion in July, up 1.2% from June and up 37% from a year earlier. "Worldwide sales of semiconductors were strong in July despite growing indications of slower growth in the overall economy," said SIA President Brian Toohey, who added that the group still projects that industry growth for 2010 will be in line with its midyear forecast of 28.4%.

    Anybody an idea why Intel made a fuzz about its sales projections on Friday ? I don´t GET IT... :confused:
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    more and more chips in mobile devices sold, less in traditional pc notebook business...

    intel only today bought infineon wireless to get (back) into this fast growing area
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