Worldwide governments now confiscating private assets

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  1. These grabs are being sold as something that is good for you. In that way, you get your pocket picked, but feel it's better for your country in the long run.

    Governments are definitely the most clever in placing their hands in your wallet. They can get you to just stand aside while they do it.
  2. But of course, how else do you think Hussein will sell all of his new tax and welfare programs to you, without selling them as being good for you, who won't benefit by them?
  3. See link above. If you're Argentinian, the government has a better idea for your retirement account.
  4. Hitler understood that you can't control anything, including the power to confiscate wealth, unless you have the loyalty of the police/military apparatus in a very loyal fashion.

    He bred his soldiers to be loyal to the death, from extremely young ages - sometimes starting with SS-sponsored and Hitler Youth programs that began at the age of 5.

    East Germany, North Korea, the U.S.S.R. (and the Soviet Union under Stalin), China - all dictators understand control of the military is the key.
  5. Thus the reason many people offshore some of their wealth. And why some hold gold & cash at home. The only one you can trust, is yourself.
  6. you can say that to GermanTrader, his father was training him to be loyal from the time GermanTrader was only a sperm in his testicles
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    Yes Hitler had his way and it worked until the U.S. came along and saved the world. Here in the U.S. the liberals took over our education system. Who is there to save us rational people who believe the U.S.Constitution is a document to be followed or changed as prescribed.:mad:
  8. Their hands are REALLY going to be in your wallet and life now that the financial grid has been taken over like never before! Stash as many "off grid" assets as you can imo......I have seen this need for many years now!
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    "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" AKA "spread the wealth around."
  10. Hussein, in a nutshell. Good parallel.
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