Worldwide conspiracy to coverup for Tiger FAILS

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    and he loses 4 points off his license. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!1!!!1!!

    But it's the taxpayer who's ultimately going to have to pay for those points. :(

    Obama and the global warming scientists do it again. :( :( :(
  2. Dont forget the woman in the news conference said it also carries a fine of up to 164$ lol Tigers gonna have to be on a payment plan.

    He might have his lawyers fight the ticket.

    Seriously though what did you want HIM charged with he didnt do anything wrong if anyone it was his wife.
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    When he married that woman it was NOTHING BUT SILENCE FROM THE WHITE HOUSE.
  4. If he isnt willing to testify against his wife, and his wife isnt willing to admit to doing anything what do they have to go on?

    I really dont think its a cover up its simply a case of them having absolutely nothing to go on, Tiger and his wife got lawyered up right away and im sure their lawyer coached them through everything, the cops know no one is gonna say anything.

    When i was younger I crashed a car and i had a few beers, i hit a pole, i left the scene of the accident and got a lawyer right away, there were no witnesses every single charge they threw at me was dropped simply because they had no evidence, the only thing i got was similar to his driving without proper care, points on my license and a 400 dollar fine.
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    The state should tear down the nearest minaret and see what the moose limb Woods' have to say then!!1!
  6. Tiger is a buddhist, he would hate tearing down anything, i am sure he is at home praying right now since he killed a tree.:D
  7. We dont need Tiger any more

    we have a new mulleto to worship, in the white house

    Tiger was the magic negro to condition the public for Obama worship
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    You damn right! It's been a conspiracy for DECADES to mix pure strains through inter-marriage and produce a negro baby without black blood!!1!!! Sneaky bastards FAILED.
  9. lol.... now there is a new "andromeda strain" of
    chinese, african, swiss, babies who are going to take over the world.......we are fucked!!!!! All they need to do is add in a little mid-eastern with a touch of south american and maybe a dash of german(just for evilness sake).... and they will create............. "The perfect baby killing machine."
    :D :D :D

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    *whispers*, there is a secret society of pure whites living in Africa. As long as they survive, our pure race has a chance:,496
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