Worldwide Asset Re-alignment

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  1. Hi,

    Past few days,

    We've seen some action on world's equity indices, gold, commodities, bonds, currencies, everything is moving,

    The big boys worldwide are moving their money around and re-calibrating their asset allocation, aren't they.

    What do you think is happening exactly now?

    What do you think will the dust be settled like?

    I dont think they are completely done...

    Europeans are saying they dont want the Euro to be too weak...

    Asian equities and currencies will be further unnerved by today's action...

    This seems like will go on until some time...until everything is settled again.....

    Any thoughts or comments? Let's discuss...
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    Who are these mysterious big boys? Did they all wake up one day and decide to make a move? Did they have a meeting of the secret Big Boy Society and all decide to start some trouble? Can I join, I'm over 200 pounds now?
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    Yeah we all meet at Mcdonalds every morning and have a BIG breakfast:D
  4. read the book :
  5. Its a conspiracy, but movement is good.
  6. Base and preciose metals will go down or plateau, agriculture commodities will take over leadership. The world has been running grain deficits the last 5-6 years and the Chinese/Indians want to upgrade there food choices.
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  8. This would be good for the bread-basket.

  9. It just goes to show you....I have no idea what I am talking about along with the masses.

    If everything is made from petroleum I would think that a barrel of oil and its cost would DIRECTLY effect the worlds economy and quicker than it does.

    Do not trade what you think, but fade the obvious...

    Michael B.

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