World's wealthiest man admitted to hospital

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  1. Arab paper just reported Hosni Mubarak (press estimates 70 billion dolllar net worth), just admitted to Egyptian hospital.
  2. he is not officially the richest

    unofficial only
  3. Lead poisoning?
  4. No, arsenic.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    he found out all that gold he tried to steal was tungsten.
  6. LOL! Sort of like the "Clad in 14 mg PURE GOLD" coins sold on TV. Gave him a heart attack?
  7. Revolutionaries are asking for his prosecution. Not surprised if it is fear or a fake illness so he can go to out of the country, and escape the prosecution.

    He is likely a criminal.
  8. ?.....from being on the "wrong end" of an AK-47? :confused: :D
  9. Egypt will catch Fire again when Hosni Mubarak dies. There are many millions of Hosni Mubarak supporters.

    World War 1 was started because some king had died (not sure which king) and World War 2 was result of world war 1.
  10. Yea he was one helluva an wait...
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