World's THINNEST Books - 2006 Collection

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  1. 1. Dieting Secrets and Tips - Don Bright

    2. Mensa Brain Teasers and Puzzles - G. W. Bush

    3. Profitable Forex Trading - Skalpz/Coinz/Drawdown

    4. How to Make Friends on the Internet - Steve46

    5. Ethical Hedge Fund Managing - Cramer/Cohen/Rocker/et al

    6. Independent Thinking - Marketsurfer

    7. Quiet Confidence - Rubberbird/Thorn

    8. Clear Writing Techniques - Grob/JH

    That's all I can think of for now.

    Anybody got some? :p
  2. "How Racial Harmony stall's the Neo-Con crime wave",

    by Pabst.
    Published by black panther press.

    "Good taste and Manners; Etiquette ,in the modern world",
    by coinz

    "Enjoying your wealth with communist values-In a committed relationship"

    by $rm$, in collaboration with Dr.Phil, and the Yarpo corporation.

    "God of all Markets";

    by ripley, sponsored by pfizer corp.

    "The responsibility of government, and why their all wonderfully nice people, with no ulterior motives whatsoever, and deserve my vote, those hard working supermen who are just SO honest and good, and would never do anyone wrong, if they could help it"

    by Ratboy88- independent publisher.
    (heard great reviews on this one, btw)

    "The treacherous path of ad-hominem; One mans journey to darkness";

    by Z10.

    :) :)
  3. Reasons To Never Ban - Baron

    Beating Around The Bush - Sulong

    The Art of Becoming a Moderator - ElectricSavant

    The Most Exciting Things I Ever Posted - Volume 1 - ElectricSavant

    The Most Exciting Things I Ever Posted - Volumes 2-10 - ElectricSavant

    The Most Exciting Things I Ever Posted - Volumes 11-20 - ElectricSavant

    The Most Exciting Things I Ever Posted - Volumes 21-30 - ElectricSavant

    The Most Exciting Things I Ever Posted - Volumes 31-40 - ElectricSavant

    The Most Exciting Things I Ever Posted - Volumes 41-50 - ElectricSavant

    The Most Exciting Things I Ever Posted - Volumes 51-850 - ElectricSavant

    How I Used To Make A Pain In The Ass Out of Myself - TraderNik

    Best Trading Strategies - Jayford

    Finding Profit in Carry Trades - ElectricSavant

    Creative Reasons And Ways to Get Your Husband Off The Computer - MrsSavant (Wifey)

    Caring For Jews And Other Non-People - Z10

    How To Love Non-Jews - Rearden Metal

    My Top 100 Dating Tips - MyTwoCents

    Being Popular and Well-Liked - Hapaboy

    On Writing Inspiring Posts - Acronym

    Communicate Now Without Cursing! - FredBloggs

    My Life As a Moderator - Pabst

    Managing Other People's Money - sKaLpZ
  4. "Motorsports, the curse of the America's"

    by spydertrader.

    Also , in limited edition,
    "Why other extreme sports are dumb, and nascar rock's "
    by spydertrader, in association with the united-high risk- insurance business league of alabama.

    "The Folly of the Physicist's;
    Why Mathematical , Theory and Scalp'ing Cannot co-exist WITHOUT a unified -space time- differential"....

    By Nitro;
    Edited by stephen hawking, albert einstein, and forward by Bobby Fischer, lesser editing credit's to waiykio what thheckkozoaki, one of the lesser known guru's in the feild.

  5. Heh. Pretty good... :)

    Here's a couple more:

    1. The Optimistic Investor - Alan Abelson

    2. Stock Picking Secrets - J. Cramer

    3. The Humble Speculator - V. Niederhoffer

    4. Option Trading for the Beginner - riskarb

    5. The Coming Bear Market - L. Kudlow

    6. Financial News Reporting - CNBC Staff
  6. Personally, I think this thead is destined for greatness. Just wait till the rest of the 57,592 ET members chime in.

    How To Build a Great Automobile - Ford Motor Company

    How To Keep From Getting Bored On ET - dRaWdOwN

  7. already out: "how i bluffed my way to a tradin' contest that has never taken off and got away with it"

    comin' soon: "how i thot i got away with it and self-imploded like franz"

    austin passamonte
  8. My True War Stories by RS7
  9. "Rational Thoughts" by NoMoreOptions

    "George Bush, America's Favorite Son" by ZZZzzzzzzz

    "How to Pick Up Older Women" by Mahram
  10. "Things I learned from ET that helped me make more money."

    - Me
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