World's tallest building to begin in China. Empire State Building started in 1929.

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    It IS a sign. There is a well known correlation based on plenty of data that when a city/country decides to build the tallest structure, the economy takes a downturn.

    It is actually pretty logical. When the economy is red hot they get the plans, and by the time they start to build and finish them, the boomtime is over...

    "showed that the world's tallest buildings have risen on the eve of economic downturns.Business cycles and skyscraper construction correlate in such a way that investment in skyscrapers peaks when cyclical growth is exhausted and the economy is ready for recession."
  2. China has been "booming" for five thousand years, it is no new kid on the block.
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    True, I remember the Mao-Tse Tung boom times when 30 million Chinese died of starvation... Those were the times....
  4. you're very wrong.
    the world desperately needs MORE economic troubles for ignorant masses to finally wake up and take responsiblity.

    article quote:

    The world population is increasing at 1.8% year by year. In the near future, land, energy, climate may breach the critical point.

    that is also complete bullshit.
    no land for the population? you gotta be sitting at starbucks for most of your life to not notice how much free land there is the world!

    Tokyo pop. density is 6,000 folks per sq kilometer. This is much lower than Paris (20,700) or Mumbai (22,900).

    Total area of Australia is over 7 million sq km. So it could house 42B people! Add Brazil, USA, China which are even larger.
    Yeaah, in 200 years from now with 1.8% growth rate there will be 35x more people on the planet. I wonder how many of them will be muslims, 99% ?
  5. So they are quoting that they are building it for $1500 per sq meter. So assuming they get a 10 to 20% profit on the residential apartments, the smallest 645 sq ft apartment should probably cost around $98k to $110k which is pretty reasonable by western standards. But if I remember right, those apartments in Chinas Ghost cities are going for $70k and still no buyers. Of course the privilege of living in the worlds tallest building might drive buyers there.
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    they learned their lesson build where people want to live not where The Central Committee wanted people to live.
  7. The pop-density in Tokyo is (comparatively) low bc few can afford to live within the city limits or can't live in a 400sq ft apartment they can afford.

    Most of Oz is unlivable. 90% of the population lives on the coast.
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    They are designing huge buildings that will also have their own parks, growing areas, shops, lakes etc. and house 10,000s !
    Let's hope they think of a sprinkler system in case of fire ?
    Multi storey new farms are being designed to be built in urban areas with hydroponics on racks/shelves feeding the masses with cheap tomatoes etc.
  9. .....more like "medicinal" marijuana. :cool:
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