World's Sexiest Trading-Education Disseminator

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    I thought of Linda Raschke briefly at first but I'm torn psychologically and must admit Al Brooks is my vote, he seemed like he gave a damn for me and his teachings appeared to appeal to my higher cognitive functions.

    I was so young and vestal then, he was the erudite gentleman for me whom I believed in and wanted someone like that to believe in me. What a miscalculation on my part of lower and higher cognitive functions that was for me.

    Whom do you vote for and why (while maintaing minimum standards of deceny)?
  2. Linda is the sexiest!
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    Cameron Fous is my #2 vote behind Al Brooks for World's Sexiest Trading Education....

    I think Fous should be in the top tier because I feel he is only surpassed by Brooks in terms of bling-bling, although I find Brooks' bling-bling to be shown in a far more sophisticated and sublimated intellectual-manner.
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    Rounding out the trading titans in my top 3 but below the magnificent and magnanimous trading benefactor Al Brooks and other guy is Timothy Sykes. Tim combines genius IQ with Ben Affleck looks and brings a pro-social altruistic spirit to the trading world which takes the c in cutthroat out of capitalism, thank God I found Tim and all of these trading altruists.


    Thanks in advance to Tim for sharing these insights into his genius and altruism on his blog
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    Linda Raschke is a great lady.
    I wouldn't mind to become her adopted son. :D