World's LARGEST Lamborghini dealer closes

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    If you think it cant get any worse for Luxury retailers and high end retail you are way wrong, the WORLDS LARGEST LAMBORGHINI DEALER is closed, what does that tell you....

    World's largest Lamborghini dealer closes

    Associated Press

    November 6, 2008 at 12:26 AM EST

    SANTA ANA, CALIF. — The world's largest dealer of Lamborghini has shut down.

    Lamborghini Orange County was known for catering to the glamorous fans of the 12-cylinder, $600,000 sports cars. It's doors were padlocked Wednesday.

    It sold about 10 per cent of the 2,400 Lamborghinis made in the world each year. NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman were among its customers.

    The dealership flew in actors Eric Roberts and Luke Perry by helicopter from Los Angeles to attend a company event earlier this year. Other promotional parties have featured stars such as Elton John and Sharon Stone.

    The owner of the Santa Ana-based dealership would not comment on the closing.

    Lamborghini's separate sales company in the United States says the dealer closed because of its own mistakes, not the economy.
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    here comes landis :p
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    No, more is less and less is more is the new motto. Spread the NEWS. It's just stuff folks really don't need. Wow look at me I drive a beamer, etc. I am more important than you. LOL. Wake up FREE yourselves from that mental slavery. Now more than ever you will begin to see enormous amounts of pressure from the public demanding that high profile actors and sports jocks shape up their image for the younger generation. Folks are in denial, we are going into the shitter, but this time it's for the better of our children's future.
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    If you got it, flaunt it.
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    Those who flaunt it are those who ain't got IT.
  6. Wave, that is golden

    Boys & girls take notes
  7. You are correct. Consumer credit is a joke on the consumer. Living beyond your means is neither intelligent nor sustainable, but it sure gives a man (or lesbo) a feeling of greater penis size.
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    Daddy, why don't we have a Range Rover in the driveway like my classmates?

    Stupid Dad thinking hmmm...
    Well your mom and I can both work more and see you less and we can show the neighbors how successful we are.

    Stupid people spend more on their cars because it's what the public sees them in the most. It's how they need to satisfy the publics acceptance of them.
  9. What are you talkin about? Eric Roberts and Luke Perry are HUGE sta....
    uhh..never mind..
  10. im lookin to get a good deal on the new vette Z06 .... hope prices fall on it also :)
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