World's cheapest car goes on sale

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  1. this is a great story. a company that is filling a niche currently unserviced by any of the big 4 dummies. a HUGE untapped market making automobile ownership affordable for a whole new demographic. i wish them success.
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    Would be a useful memorable gift!
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    "Demand is expected to outstrip supply when the world's cheapest car goes on sale today in India."

    "The basic model sells for just under $3,000, but deluxe versions with air-conditioning and power steering will be available."

    I can just imagine the poor Indian guy who just shelled out $2800 for the basic model lacking air conditioning in the height of the Indian summer, when the temperature reaches 50 degrees celsius.

    "I wish I saved up another paycheck" springs to mind. :D

    Btw isn't it a sexy little number.
  4. You won't find me or my family in that little POS....I have no intention of becoming a premature organ donor.
  5. I don't think those cars meet safety requirements. So if you're indian, sure, buy it. If you want the equivalent here buy a cheap Hyundai.
  6. Your not the target market dumbass.

    Great to see TTM finally get this to market. Should help out alot of people in the world while hopefully being quite profitable.
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    The car won't be allowed to use in G7 due to safety requirements not met. Maybe new release in the far future. Who knows?
  8. Looks like a perfect fit for a piker like yourself...and if you close up your account now, you might have just enough money to cover the down payment. Now piss off!
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