World's biggest uranium firm coming to India

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  1. US cos get restive as India signs N-pact with Russia

    A US nuclear mission of around 50 companies is doing the rounds in India meeting with officials in the Prime Minister’s Office, relevant ministries and a host of ministers in a bid to figure out the `policy challenges’ that stand between them and the Indian market.

    Coincidentally, the mission’s tour of India happened with the signing of the civilian nuclear agreement between India and Russia, which the Indian side has termed as “better than the 123 Agreement.’’

  2. Maybe it's easier and better to do business with Pakistan instead. :cool:
  3. Experts estimate that India’s civil nuclear energy sector will need at least $100 billion worth of investment during the next 20 years. U.S. companies hope to capture as large of a share of that investment as possible. Private studies suggest that if U.S. vendors win just two civil nuclear reactor contracts, they would create 3,000–5,000 new direct jobs and 10,000–15,000 indirect jobs in the United States.
  4. "Indian" and "American" people will not be employed in any of those jobs. :D