Worldcom under $1!!?? support, resistance

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SilverBullet, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. So what would you suggest the best way is to trade WCOM around a dollar? The support was certainly quite weak there today, and resistance was fairly untested at this price all day. has the following points of interest for WCOM:

    1.26 pivot point 2nd level resistance
    1.08 pivot point 1st level resistance
    .98 pivot point (acted as resistance once under 1$ today)
    .80 pivot point 1st level support
    .70 pivot point 2nd level support

    Sometimes it will tank 5 cents while the futures are ripping, and sometimes for no reason apprently. So I was wondering what you guys thought about playing these points.
  2. I see major, long term support at zero. The stock definitely won't trade below that price.
  3. lol
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    Yeah, I've made almost as much this year trading long distance services as I've made trading stock.

    3 checks from att

    airline miles from MCI

    And I almost switched to Sprint, but the dude in the black trench coat showed up and started pestering me, so I told him and that damn hand that shows up when I make hamburger to get lost.:confused:
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    I call them "bleeders".
    They just keep on going down.