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    Since I dont have 30+ posts yet, I can't add my ratings on Worldco, but let me use this forum to give my opinion of Worldco - IT SUCKS!!!!!! If you go to meet Walter and he says "I guarantee you you'll make a lot of money" tell him to shove it. Whatever you do - don't put up money, the second you blow through it, and you will, they'll cut your dot limits to a point where it will take you months to make money. You are functionally denied NX, bullets are often maxed out, there is always a system problem, risk management are pains-in-the-balls flunkies who cut you when you have a bad day but never raise you when you have a good one so you always have to go begging hat in hand for a higher dot limit. Maybe 1 in 20 traders there is making a decent living. But they dont care they'll just go out and hire 20 more, not even caring if they make a living -just throw 20 more on the merry go round. I have 7 years of trading expereince and I have never felt so degraded in my life. If anyone knows of a better place (preferably without a capital commitment - i put up a little bit at Worldco and its long since found its way into Walter's bank account) do let me know