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  1. is it just me or do they not reply to emailed them twice in the last couple weeks and they just dont reply???
    its kinda frustrating lol
  2. So pick up the phone and call.
  3. whats the phone number :)
  4. Once they have your phone number they will never leave you alone. Some guy named Walter leaves messages on my machine all the time.
  5. I read the reviews.

    The hubbub about the IPO's is a joke. Right or wrong, any Wall Street firm would die for those relationships (and some probably did), and all principal firms cultivate them; it was going on way before the 90's. Worldco is getting slammed for something the whole street does...someone's jealous and fighting dirty I suspect.

    The article posted cites so-and-so's '1.8 million dollar <i>mansion</i>' and three fancy cars... Puh-leeze. Hulk Hogan's <i>garage</i> cost more than that (or at least almost as much) <i>without</i> his Viper and his other fancy cars in it.

    Put your favorite firm's name in their place if you wish. I'd say the same thing in any case. The other stuff I don't know enough about to comment on.

    Ho - freakin - hum.