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  1. As a few here may have picked on, I have been seriously looking (in the NY area) to go to prop firm. Worldco is becoming the place I am leaning towards. I know in the ratings I have heard some rants and raves about Worldco.

    What I am asking is for some serious pluses and minuses about the company. The one I really don't want to hear about is how the boss is a coke head. If he is, let him enjoy. If he's not, than it's just plain slanderous.

    I am close to deciding and would appreciate as much about them from experiences and friends and any which way there is.

    Thanx in advance everyone. I know there are some that are already clicking on the keyboard before I even post this. :D
  2. What's your primary criteria in choosing a firm? Is it rates? or something else or a combination?
  3. one suggestion...if you do go to work there, make sure you "clean out your pipes" every morning before you go into the office. The men's room is in rough shape.

    Other than that, it seems like a decent place to go.
  4. You've now put serious doubts in my mind now. Some of my best trading thoughts come during these draino momemts. If I can't get quality time there, how will I ever make my stock picks. When will I read the WSJ ? Where will I plan my afternoon strategies ?

    The things I am looking for cannot be narrowed down to one thing. Good trading environment is important. I know enough to know that I don't know all there is to trading. The tools available (charting, news, etc.) for trading, very important. Payout of a percent higher or lower isn't that big a factor. Once I prove myself as earner (and I guess at Worldco a churner) I can always get any rates I ask for.

    Funny thing, as a retail broker you get a slap for churning and at a prop firm you get applauded for churning. All this hand movement reminds me of the hand movement specialists give you as well......the one finger salute.

    Oh, and since I am asking for help, I would like to ask for one more thing......Can anyone tell me of a site that I can just go to to get a kind of calendar for all the reports and earnings coming out for the following week. I was spoiled at my last place that just emailed us the list every Thursday for the coming week. I would greatly appreciate this info.

    Ummmm, are we in a bull market yet ?
  5. read hitman's posts. he works there.


  7. Thanks Robert. Exactly what I needed.