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  1. Anybody heard anything about the remaining 33% of our money they held on to? Is it a lost cause to think we might see that cash?
  2. I hope it is not a lost cause. But in the meantime, do we or don't we have to claim it on our tax returns?
  3. Good question. I am going to net out the difference until I hear otherwise.
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    Haven't heard anything new yet, but as soon as I do. I will post. Something tells me that nothing will happen till after the first quarter of next year.
  5. Worldco, worldcom etc etc

    All a pile of shite...
  6. jimmyz


    Just heard from a buddy of mine that he just received his check via certified mail for the rest of the money from his capital account. Can't believe that they really paid it all back. Just crossing my fingers and waiting for mine.
  7. I'm sorry, but your friend is lying!
  8. jimmyz


    You can think what you want, but I have known him for many years and he doesn't need to lie to me. For what purpose would he lie? Anyway, just letting you know....When I have mine, I'll let you know.
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    any talk of one? My time their was actually one of the most entertaining times of my life.
  10. They can't give it to just one person. They have to give EVERYONE the same proportion. They have not given other traders any money (beyond the 67%), so your friend didn't get didley!
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