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    I have been offered deals by both worldco and generic. I have seen a ton of posts and opinions about worldco (which I am leaning against going to), and virtually NONE about Generic. Anyone have any input about Generic they would like to share?
  2. get it in writing.
  3. worldco is self clearing. generic has to pay slk. of course, worldco doesn't have Mayer Offman.
  4. Maybe I'm not getting it.
    who's Mayer Offman?
    Is he a good thing or bad?
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    OK chas....tell me what significance Mayer Offman has. Is he as much of an asset (or liability) to Generic as Treykool is to Worldco?
    The suspense is killing me!:cool:
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    Hey, man

    if you are a newbie, definitely go to generic. I got offer from generic too. in this offer, I don't have to contribute money, don't have to pay for the loss, the only thing is that you have to pay attention to their fine print. Read it carefully. Absolutely, if you can go to schonfeld, definitely don't have to consider both worldco and generic if you are a newbie in this industry.

    I went to worldco before. that Pierre pissed me off. What a cheater! If you are an experience guy, worldco can give you a good deal. THis company will treat good trader very well, but just kick bad traders out without mercy. But how many newbies can be a top trader in the frist half year? I don't think too many. So don't risk your money if you just enter thsi industry.

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    Generic is a good shop with good people. Competitive pricing, not the cheapest. Know many guys there that have no interest in leaving.
  8. Interesting......and what did you tell me about going to Worldco ??


    That article is two plus years old...any update on how he is doing now?:confused:
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