WorldCo vs Generic Trading

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  1. any recommendations on whether worldco or generic would be a better place for a new trader? who provides better training and what's a good starting deal be for someone that only has retail experience? (ticket charges, share charges, payout %, up front money, etc)
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    do a research on the subject.....they both have their pros and cons. My opinion is try out worldco
  3. wrong forum too
  4. All deals are negotiable. See which firm will give you a better deal and which place you're comfortable in. There's no pat answer. Go with your gut after you've interviewed.

  5. It would help if you posted the deals that you were offered.

    imho, no capital contribution is almost always the best deal. If you are in NYC, email Hitman at - He is the Crazy Eddie of Worldco.
  6. This is such a lousy market. Why start now?
  7. LOL... on the other hand, if you can make it now, you can make it in any market, no?
  8. Perhaps, but since the majority of traders are making nothing now, I hope anyone starting has plenty of money saved up and money to lose as well.
  9. worldco offer - no capital, 65% payout, $5 ticket, 1.5 cents, they cover all other costs including 7,55

    generic offer - no capital for 50% payout, 10k for 95% payout, $11 ticket, they cover costs for 7

    Are either of these reasonable for a new trader and how difficult is it to change the terms once your in the door?
  10. nobody mentioned it

    but if you are going to join a firm. Find someone doing well who is in the firm who actually says he will train you.

    Don't get stuck as being another fly thrown against the wall with the firm knowing if they throw enough at the wall some will stick.

    Put the odds in your favor, by doing this the payout/commissions don't hold as much weight.

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