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    Dude Get the F*** outta here with that BS

    Worldco hires anyone that can pass the exams and put up money. Then the newbies churn away their cap in a couple of month, get completely discouraged and leave. Of course you leave that out of the "65%-75%". There are more bitter traders from WorldCo than any other firm. The company does not care about newbies, just wants their money. Then you have the few proftable traders that got in there early during the good years trying to defend this scumbag firm.

    LOL. I almost started with Worldco and so lucky I did not. I got lied to there . Best part was that the head trainer that was supposed to train, traded out of home. Great training.

    After that I ran.

    I heard about their great commissions, what a lie. Per share cost and ticket charge? LOL all of this for crappy equipment, no nx and no SOES. Very nice structure.

    Don't get fooled by the few good traders that WorldCo has. They would get the same if not better treatment at any firm they went to.
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