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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ibrox, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. ibrox


    anyone know if Worldco in Tampa is hiring? I saw their ad on but I cant get a response out of their Ny office ( i think thats where the inquiries go). Anyone know who runs the Tampa branch or have a telephone number. I appreciate it.
  2. try information
  3. Avoid at all costs....unless you prefer not to use soes and nx, enjoy markups,lies,broken equiptment and lame support
  4. is the scurge of the industry
  5. NYNY


    Lol... you sound bitter.

    Actually Worldco has NX, there are no markups, I was never lied to and my equiptment is not broken. I actually have great equiptment. (Six brand new 17" flat screens.)

    The support is decent from what I can tell. But I have only traded at Worldco.

    BUT you should check around and ask traders questions. Any questions PM me.

  6. hmmmmmmm lets take a look at the NYNY journal...............

    """ Couldn't fucking trade my open strategy because the compliance programmed my Belzberg to not accept a short if their is a long order entered for the stock.

    VERY PISSED RIGHT NOW!!! This better be fixed by Monday or I am leaving for another firm. """

    I enjoy your journal and keep up the good work, anytime your ready to bust out of that dump, you can pm ME :cool:
  7. wideopen


    currently hiring in tampa. not my business to give out phone#..look in yellow pgs.... requirements changed, no newbies without money down...there is couple of free chairs coz some ppl had to be canned due to performance issues. Don't listen to what losers are saying about tech support and other issues, on every single day the # of net positive traders is 65-75%
    wish you all best
  8. mook


    It's more like 65% gross positive for all Worldco traders.
  9. gimp570


    So does WorldCo still have an office in Tampa? Or did it close?

  10. Ebo


    I heard PTJP partners is opening an offshore office!
    Walter is going to run the office.
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