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    This is in response to Rossmedia thread which states:

    "I was hired 8 months ago as a prop trader at the Santa Monica office. I was told explicitly there would be absolutely no money down. I took the 7 and 55..passed the first time. Got ready to go to work and was asked for $3,000 or I wouldn't trade. Worldco Santa Monica and the guy who runs the office is a fraud. No matter what they tell you in the for your life and the life of your money if they want to hire you."

    Mr. Ross (I will call you dennis for short)

    i'm not quite sure what you were told at time of hire by Worldco and Yes it sounds like you were the victim of major misunderstanding. To be upset becuase of this, I think anyone would understand your point. Now, let's chat a bit about your " the guy who runs the office is a fraud" comment. The guy who runs this office is one of the best traders on Wall street and definetley the best on the west coast. Anyone in the industry will vouch for this, even guys who do not know him know of his reputation in the field. I also happen to know Todd C. personally the guy who hired you at Andover/Assent. He is a FAILED worldco traders. Taht's right a Failed trader. He hit my boss for over 45K in losses. My boss trying to be nice kept him around paid for all sorts of stuff for him while incurring his huge losses.. Such as rent, food ect.... Mr ross a great question to ask yourself when getting hired at a firm is "how much money has the guy made who is hiring/teaching me" Ask for his most recent K-1 statement.. I'm positive you failed to do that otherwise you would not be associated with them. The head traders of your group Todd C, Andrew L. and Peter K. are all failed worldco traders; sources say they have a combined total of almost 100K in losses... That right in losses.. But hey do not take my word for it, ask them!!!!! Ask them for there K-1's or better yet ask Todd C. for any Worldco check stubs in his name...
    I hate to be the barer of bad news to you Mr. Ross but your little team over there is the laugh of Wall street.
  2. Tell someone that cares.
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    Thanks for the info.

  4. Yes .....I found it interesting too.....

  5. We need to get a celebrity death match between these guys!!!

    On a serious note though, I have been very critical of some of the A/A people and have taken a lot of shots from the A/A people and traders about why I always poke fun at them......Well this is another example of why a few clowns are giving the mother company such a bad name.....Every time you think you may have a legitimate question , it quickly turns into a SHILL job...." Pm me" " Im a new trader, who;s the best" "has anyone ever heard of ___"....It goes on and on....and now, it looks like they are going to start bashing another group to make a name for themselves.....It's really pathetic.....But I think it speaks volumes for the type of outfit they are.....You never hear of a Bright trader or Echo trader starting a thread to bash them...WHY? I think they are too busy making money to bother with these types of antics and they also understand the importance of MARKETING so they Pay for a banner so they do not have to resort to this level...
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    This prop industry does seem a bit bitchy and incestuous.

    I’ve seen more collegiality between used car salesmen working for competing dealerships.

    Not blaming any particular firm, though some seem to attack others more so.
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    With all due respect to the posters .......

    I simply do not believe any of the comments in the thread .

    There is one piece of advice here: ask for K1's.

    Here is another very good piece of advice: qualify any potential firms officers and traders with background investigations: both FBI and PI if you can afford it. Small price to pay for getting the true story and cutting through the BS.......

    FYI I have NO affiliation with any of the companies that post on Elitetrader - and based upon the nonsense posted here probably wont allow our firm to do business with the named companies.

    LOL ...
  8. you're welcome nitro