Worldco, Santa Monica..Bait and Switch

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by rossmedia, Jun 21, 2003.

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  1. I only deal with guys that do 10 billion shares/month or more. Do you think this guy qualifies?
    #51     Jun 25, 2003
  2. TM Direct..

    I'm laughing with does a newbie get such a sweet situaltion, make money, and keep making it? I don't know, I don't want to know. I just want can stay experienced and professional..I'll just take the check. Good luck Mr. Schwab.

    #52     Jun 25, 2003

  3. 1) You are a new trader...that's what you said...
    2) You get a 95% payout on prop...You said that
    3) They give you hands on attention and said that

    Any firm that gives a new trader a 95 % payout to trade their money....and still has to train you going to lose big time....SO...SInce you took the time to bash the other firm, Indulge us by telling us the name of this incredible firm you are at?? I will be the first person to call for that deal...Put up or shut up...or admit that you are full of it....
    #53     Jun 25, 2003
  4. I'm not laughing!!! You're getting a 95% payout!!! And I'm stuck at Shill only getting a 110% payout on my profits!!!

    Come on... HELP A BROTHA OUT!!!:D
    #54     Jun 25, 2003
  5. 1. The owner discourages you from churning and only wants you to trade when the odds of you making money are extremely high. He understands that many times no trade is a good trade.

    2. We are paid monthly. I got a good check 10 days after my first trade. Yes.. in 10 days I had a check.

    3. The owner takes as much time as needed to teach you the needed techniques to pull money out the market daily.

    4. We have classes daily. Classes that actually result in you making money in the market the next day.

    Anyone considering Worldco....please reconsider.


    In addition to making no money off your profits even though he took the time to train and fund your acount...he also discourearges trading/churning!! LOL!!!

    DOes he tuck you in at night? by you lunch? Kiss you softly on the neck as you trade!???:D
    #55     Jun 25, 2003
  6. TM Direct..

    Contrary to what many "Big" Traders want you to think, continuing education, training, reading, studying never, ever stops. The biggest traders on the planet just learned something new today. Unlike you guys, I don't claim to be a great equity trader, my experience is in option trading. No, I don't make thousands a day like you "big" guys. I focus on consistent checks, that's it. My prop deal is working well, and as long as I don't become "big time" the probability of it continuing is fairly good.

    Notice: TM never addressed my point for point post above (NASD situation and the like) interesting two step TM Direct, you must be a dancer.

    fortunately the majority of readers of this thread got the point 5 pages ago. The many PM's I've received from traders following the facts of my posts have attested to the validity of my statements.

    #56     Jun 25, 2003

  7. I have forgotten more about the NASD then you will ever know...some guy called you and pretended to be from the NASD...Huge...Yawn....File a complaint...But just so you know, I noticed you are pulling a two step: NAME YOUR FIRM THAT YOU ARE AT?????? It's got great rates, a fatherly trainer, they don;t want to make nay money, and they want you to not only USE their capital, but to keep all the profits too!!! AMAZING!!! Even more amazing is your specific bashing of another company and it's branch but you can't say the name of your firm???? Hmmmm

    I have a feeling it is because you are lying about a lot of things and the owners would have to face slander lawsuits as well as explain to EXPERIENCED traders that they DO not give 95% Prop Payout with no money down ...BWWAAAAhAAAAhaahhaLOLOLOL

    come clean now and I'll let it go
    :D NAME THE FIRM...and if you won;name the firm now. all of ET will see that you were nothing more then a piss ant sent on a bashing mission by others....what's it gonna be ?
    #57     Jun 25, 2003

    Hell, at 95% return, you could be an invalid and make money. That's why us poor saps want to know where you're trading!!!

    And so I ask... CAN YOU HELP A BROTHA OUT!?!?:D

    Hell, I'd move to Iraq for a deal like that!!!
    #58     Jun 25, 2003
  9. Now even I am beginning to believe you're full of Shiite.

    Just ask Abby Normal how many PMs he's received recently:D

    Just because a bunch of people PM you doesn't mean you're right dummy. How about you just tell us where you're trading and we'll be happy to sit down right next to you and drink from your boss' teet!!!:D

    MMM, good!!! ROFL!!!
    #59     Jun 25, 2003
  10. PickNClick and TM Direct.

    You guys really lack in rhetorical tact.

    Bottom line, the first post on this thread explained my reason for exposing Worldco Santa Monica, "Bait and Switch."
    Like it or not, I have no desire to advertise my firm, additionally, the proprietor, and Magna , the moderator, has asked that it not be done in this thread. Write her and argue chat room policy if you are soooo interested in knowing. My point has been made pages ago. Reasonable readers can decide for themselves where the weight of truth is. I'm not here to promote my firm on the sly. My purpose has been consistent for 10 pages.

    You can continue to launch counter flares to take the focus off or the central point but it just hasn't worked, sorry.
    #60     Jun 25, 2003
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