Worldco, Santa Monica..Bait and Switch

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by rossmedia, Jun 21, 2003.

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  1. Hey Jeff,

    I don't remember speaking with you but I don't doubt we've previously been in contact. I've moved on with another firm I'm pleased with. In fact, it is only now, 8 months later, that I even had a moment to discuss the SM occurrence. I've just been studying and trying to become a decent trader.

    Take care man.

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  2. Let me get this strait.....You got your series 7 because of their sponsorship. you never traded a single share at Worldco because of the 3k deposit...and it's been 8 months and NOW you are getting around to bashing the crap out of them? What am I missing? You are very new to trading obviously yet you are telling everybody on ET to RUN from Worldco?????? something doesn't add up.....I think you should explain why its 1) taken you so long to release this pent up frustration and 2) this NEW firm your at.....Is it prop? and if so how much are you putting up?....Although, you are receiving a "95% payout."...which means you are trading your own capital correct? ...and in order to trade your own cap and " get a check in 10 days" you would need to have at least 25k???? Please elaborate on the above because I truthfully think you are pulling a fast one.
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  3. rossmedia
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    05-21-03 03:26 PM
    Schonfeld Is Closing
    I just heard from an extremely reliable source here in LA that the LA office is closing as we speak. Wow!

    Are you trading for Schoenfeld? or just a concerend new trader?
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  4. TM Direct......
    Thank you Mr Ross for reopening the thread.

    TM Direct, I will answer this one for you:

    Mr Ross received his series 7 license March 2003 and 55 in April 2003. he left worldco shortly after to go to andover (assent) when worldco asked him to put up $3000. although, this was worldco's policy before he passed his tests, todd c. never told him to put up money until he passed his test so he can then tell him andover requires no capital up and mr ross will have all his licenses at the expense of worldco. this is because todd c put the money up for him by conning an investor to give him this money. mr ross was not the only trader to do this.

    so mr ross has not been trading for 8 months. he has only been licensed for for about 3 months.........i love this guy

    i have no idea why someone that knows nothing about trading would bash a company for a policy that could not be compromised. he should have resigned like a man and not faxed over the same identical letter ever other trader faxed over. its such a joke.....
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  5. steve56


    thanks!! I agree!!!
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  6. WOW.....This is like a soap opera....It all seems pretty fishy that the same kid who is looking for a series 7 book in april is bashing so hard in June......ROSS: Why not just start a thread and say:

    "Im new and this is the firm i chose"??

    ..or better yet, PM Obvious_Shill and he can hook you up with a great deal
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  7. TM Direct thank you for the inquiry. Let me answer directly.

    1. I got my 7 because it is and was a Worldco requirement (which is ofcourse standard)
    2. What are you missing? You’re missing this..Before I started trading at the present prop firm, Worldco (an employee of SM office) called my home as recently as 4 weeks ago, and, this will be unbelievable, impersonated the NASD, asked me what are the firms I was considering (The real NASD is not concerned with your thoughts), and asked me personal things that were obviously fraudulent. It didn’t stop there, I called the NASD and asked what was the number from the location this imposter supposedly called from, ofcourse they didn’t match. Also, My caller ID proved it was a fraudulent call. By the way it is illegal to impersonate the NASD. That is really what disturbed me enough to speak about my first experience with them months ago
    3. New equity trader, yes, new trader, no. I was an option trader for 3 years sir.
    4. 95% payout = my own capital, where did you get that from? I haven’t put up any money, period.
    5. Pulling a fast, sorry you think that. I stand behind every word. Everyone knows my name. I have no reason to hide behind fake Id’s.

    Oh, and concerning trendtrader, the mystery guy. Ask your caring, loving manager, you know? The one who pays for rent, food, and buys valentine cards for traders. .. I spoke to him directly and asked him to honor the terms upon which I was hired, if he couldn't, then I would resign, he didn't so I resigned. The truth, as I see, really disturbs trendtrader.

    TM Direct, do you do any research, or do you just woof? Go to the NASDR site and you’ll see when I was licensed. In the words of Paul Harvey..Good Day.
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  8. Hmmm...Let me get this strait again...somebody gives a BRAND NEW TRADER NOT ONLY THEIR MONEY, BUT 95% PAYOUT?????

    hahahahahahahahahahahaahahah:D :D
    LMAO you just made a laughing stock of your self and whatever firm you are at!!!!!!......NOTE TO ET TRADERS: STAY AWAY FROM ANY FIRM THAT WILL GIVE A NEWBIE A PROP account WITH ONLY A 5% PAYOUT TO THE FIRM!!!!!! rofl!!!!...see you in bankruptcy soon if that is their policy....what did they base this rate on ? Your extensive trck record??? LOL...wait I know...You have 22 consecutive trads of 15% or better???

    Nice try
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  9. BAAAAhhhaaaaaHAAAA:D
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  10. I think that he may have misspoke TM. Nobody would be that stupid.... a 95% payout??? Only Shill gives that kind of payout schedule:D

    Hey Richy Rich, please tell the rest of us where you get such a great deal!!!
    #50     Jun 25, 2003
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