Worldco, Santa Monica..Bait and Switch

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by rossmedia, Jun 21, 2003.

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  1. I'm been a poster for a while, and I don't work for Worldco. But I do know the trader, and it wasn't his decision. It was a Worldco firm wide decision. So he had no choice but to change the policy. This happened in several offices of traders that I know that run them for Worldco. Kinda ruined their rep, but they had no choice.
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  2. Also....I really don;t think it was worthy of a scathing thread to be started.
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  3. LOL ! maybe the best trader on wallstreet ?? how stupid does that sound ?? perhaps one of the better writers..... LOL
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  4. Get real rossmedia,

    Pony up the 3K. At 94% payout you can't lose, especially since you've invested 8 months with the company. A person who considers himself a trader who doesn't have solid trading experience is really worth much.

    If nothing else the 3K buys you some valuable trading experience and a track record. Then you can parlay that experience into a lucrative position.
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  5. uhhh, OK Beavis -- if you say so! Yeah, uhhhh, wouldn't want to say good things about a trading firm on the ET boards -- they might end up getting a good reputation!

    ... I don't trade for a prop firm and know little about that seedy area of trading, however -- it sure strikes me as a bit "odd" that you wouldn't want to let others know about this supposedly "great firm."

    dog:( :cool:
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  6. cuda



    All I have to say is that I've had a very good experience with the manager of the LA office when he was in NY. Nothing more, nothing less. I was treated very well and from what I saw, so was the majority of other traders under him. I was on my own for my first few months there and almost quit numerous times until I was put under him. He took the time out to teach people and he cares about his traders (which is more than I can say about a lot of other people, worldco guys included, so I'm not pumping worldco here). Sucks you didn't get past the door to actually see any of this before you had to come on here and drag his name through the mud. I have nothing to gain by saying anything good about him. He's in LA, I'm in NY, and I basically have nothing to do with him anymore. But he's a good guy and it's a shame he got attacked about something that honestly wasn't under his control.

    I would assume I'd be upset if I was told I had to put up money after the fact, but you said yourself you got hired 8 months ago. If you haven't noticed a lot has happened with the market and prop firms in the last 8 months. Things change and policies change. Looks like you were just the victim of bad timing. But whatever man, I honestly couldn't care less.
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  7. Ok....I had had it.....will one of you Worldco posters tell the guy that runs the SM office to please post to this thread an explanation.

    If the guy interviewed and took some time to pass the tests....and he was promised the current company policy, and then the company policy changed in the interim .....then why is that a management communication problem? Is this the fault of the manager that the guy he interviewed took too long to become a trader.

    Michael B.
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  8. Magna

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    At rossmedia's request this thread has been reopened for further discussion. I ask that all stay on topic, there be no personal attacks, and no promotion or recruitment. Thanks.
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  9. Well I guess it is true, people never hear what you say, only what they think you said. I never mentioned the name of of the guy who runs the office, therefore it is impossible to drag an unmentioned name through the mud. I guess this is how people get acquitted in a court of law. By the time the evidence has been passed around no one can remember who did or said what.

    Thank you Magna.
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  10. jeffgus


    Worldco in SF was a Kindergarten with a bunch of screaming buffoon chasing market shorts in a bear market. The last 2 months I hear this guys squilling from 3 building over, with this nice bull move.

    Move on and make money where it best fits your style. Each office is different but I left Worldco because the Manager was a kid who could trade but a horrible manager.

    I remember talking to you while you where talking to other shops. You did ask for a no capital deal. I also believe a small deposit works best and shows that you too will watch your risk and still make a good payout. I am done with 0 capital up. no return for the risk....Good Luck.
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