Worldco Llc

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  1. anyone with some fresh information?

    is that 1/3 ever getting paid out?
    is walter recruiting in thailand???.. :)

    where have wldc traders gone ?
  2. I would love to know... I pretty much gave up
  3. scrap


    I would love to know what is going on with the folks from Worldco. I used to work for PTJP and left to go back to CIBC World Markets as a market maker. That was four years ago though. I am curious as to what happened to any of the family. Aren't a bunch of them suspended from the industry for awhile? What an experience that place was.
  4. ptjp folks pretty much quit after broker calls ended.
  5. Ebo


    I saw "Dommie Bro" busing tables @ a local restaurant!
  6. All I know is that they still haven't declared bankruptcy. Amazing, isn't it?
  7. Hey I use to run the agency desk with sloan and lynne. that place was good in the begging I made a ton of loot but then they got all fucocked. It was a one of a kind place unfortunatly they burned themselves.
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    i heard walter is in palm beach living next to trumps place joke....and that he has a big yacht.....170 feet long named ...the speculator.......m
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    That yacht is old. He's had it for 10 or 15 years.
  10. megadon


    dude it sure looks brand spanking new to me.....its hot ....he has a crew of mabye 7 taking care of it.......its totally killer bro...m
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