Worldco Llc - Walter Bruan Scott Comes Out Of Hiding..

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Copernicus, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. everybody knew he was in asia, thailand to be specific, setting up another trading operation.

    well, here is his info, in case someone wants their money back.

  2. thats quite a building he's in, check out this photo, definitely an upgrade from 110 wall st.
  3. gotta hand it to a survivor. hope he's lost some weight.
  4. i wonder what the payout and comish are like in thailand?
    child labor levels most likely.
  5. where did you get this link from?

    I'm in Bangkok now, and live not far from this big newly 5 building
    complex, it's loacted in heart of tourism district, is he partying with your money :D:D

    Are you saying he is runing a prop firm here? Is himself an
    experianced trader?
  6. bloomberg contact info.
    thats a nice building! is it one of the nicest in the city?

    of course hes running a prop shop there. he cant trade, but hes one hell of a motivational speaker.
  7. Where in Bloomberg? link?

    No, many. Bangkok is 6th to 8th ranked city in world for
    highrise building and good infrastructure, still very cheap
    place to live

    didn't know, I will try to find out more
  8. pull him up on a bloomberg terminal by last name
    thats a screenshot i provided, its legit info if thats what u have in mind
  9. let me know what you find out, i wonder how walter is doing
  10. :p

    propshops are sweatshops for traders.
    #10     Nov 3, 2005
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