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    i hear a lot of the ex-worldco traders are going to hold brothers. does anyone know what kind of deal they are getting there? are they putting up capital etc.
  2. Yes, you should check out Hold Brothers. If you want a contact, let me know. Send me a PM on here and I'll get back to you.

    It's a good place and seems solid and the people who run it are not hard to sit down with and bs with.

    As you can tell, I trade there and I am very happy at the moment.
  3. "... and the people who run it are not hard to sit down with and bs with. "

    Neither was Walter.

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    that is all fine and i am familiar with both hold brothers and the people who run it, but i'd like to know more about the deal they are giving the worldco guys. did they put money down? how much? how many guys from worldco have gone there, etc.

  5. Were you at wldco? What is your fascination with how many guys from wldco went there?
  6. fatman nobody is going to tell you there deal. what did you pay at worldco and i will tell you if they can beat that. i have a pretty good deal at hold but been there for alittle bit. the question is also if they want you. if you trade 20,000 shares a day and want dirt cheap tickets they might not want you. do you make money net each month? fee's are based on track record and volume and risk of trading style and what you want to put down.
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    this board is so lame, i've never been at worldco, and i trade 250k shares a day with a wonderful deal that i am totally happy with. i just want to understand the industry a little better and have some idea of where all the traders are going. also i am interested to know because i wanna know how tight the office space is at hold is, i don't thing they have room for 80 more trader. are they getting new office space etc. also is this a good deal for hold? will it help their business? pr will these guys just blow up the shop?

    Later...and remind me to never come to this board looking for any good information or an objective viewpoint!
  8. then pick up the phone and give em a call!
  9. When did you want that reminder?
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    Talk about a contradictive Lame statement.
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