Worldco Going Out of Business

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  2. crap...the other thread is f@$#ing long
  3. this was on the other thread that was closed. i think it really sums up the situation. i just hope certain individuals don't turn this thread into their own personal battlefields again.
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    "At Worldco, we are committed to attracting and retaining highly talented
    individuals who are performance driven and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. If you are seeking a rewarding challenge within a fast-paced, self-clearing environment, please review our job openings. "

    ummm where can i apply
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    Well, it looks like tomorrow they are making it official. Worldco is indeed filing for bankruptcy. All the systems will be turned off and there will be no trading. Apparently all the traders bolted and they were down to 50 guys and they could not go on another day.
  9. It's kind of sad. Despite all the crap I enjoyed working there.
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