Worldco financial troubles

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by silk, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. silk


    I heard Worldco is having financial troubles and is no longer allowing traders to hold overnight positions. Are they going under? Anyone have any info on this.
  2. Another rumour...hmmm. The best answer is to be a retail customer, meet your own margins and never worry about stuff like this.

    For what its worth (very littl), I heard that the firm was being sold to a big bank so you never know...
  3. Would Hitman like to give us some insight into all of this?
  4. The question should be: which prop trading firms AREN'T having financial problems?
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    the way they squeeze everyone around them, there is no way Worldco goes out of business...If they closed their doors there would not be a clearer signal this business is in bad shape
  6. hitman is long gone....
  7. The Princess?
  8. Magna

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    If you need your fix, best go to Hitman's website as I'm sure he discusses her regularly.
  9. The last i heard is , Hitman getting a apartment ...

    Somewhere close to Princess i think ....
  10. I think that lacking any true data, the best option is for us to mindlessly speculate for about 5 more pages until something better comes along.
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