Worldco alumni

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  1. I'd like to stay connected w/some former Worldco employees. If you know any of the ops people, please PM me.
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    I'd be interested to get anyone of their phone numbers. I knew a bunch of them. they were all good people.

    PM me as well. sorry i couldn't help here.
  3. Who cleared Wordco?
  4. trader59


    Whoever cleared Worldco, did some job. :D
  5. Pretty sure they were self-clearing.
  6. Who Cleared Worldco? The Bruans cleared it out, they cleared out every damn thing and took it with them. As far as who cleared the trades, though, Worldco was indeed self-clearing.
  7. The self cleared NYSE? I don't think so.
  8. wldc self cleared
    btw we are getting 67% of the money this week
    R I P

    p.s. a lot of great traders got a start there!!!
  9. don't you have to be a member of NYSE to self clear on that exchange?
  10. I don't know,
    but wldc has always been know for negotiable "good " commission rates because they self cleared.
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