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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by OxonianTrader, Sep 12, 2003.

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  1. I recently came across a WorldCo advertisement on the internet claiming the best payout rates on the street, and - get this - an excellent training program. I have a few friends who worked at WorldCo and have since moved on to Bear Stearns and Morgan. They have been telling me that the training program amounted to a few videos on how to trade and nothing more. Has there been some change in the training program at WorldCo? Is there really a training program now for new recruits or is the advertisement BS? In the past year, has there been new training videos released at WorldCo?

    If anyone has the inside scoop, let me know.

    I will appreciate any input traders can provide on their experiences at WorldCo. Please don't just say "it sucked" or something like that (in other words, the more details the better)

  2. Since many firms offer a full 100% payout, our friends at WorldCo would have a hard time exceeding that.

    I, for one, would be happy if they had a new type of training program that would help new people. That is good for the industry.

  3. a full 100% payout seems to be available only at retail firms (as far as my research tells me, anyways......if you know of proprietary firms which pay 100%, i'd love to look into them). Retail firms generally don't provide traders with the same type of leverage PRO firms do, however so your 100% payout will likely be less than a 96% payout at a PRO firm.

    I guess your statement that you would be happy if a new training program would be implemented at WorldCo reflects your position that most WorldCo traders wind up trading with a different firm (yours?). I find that interesting.

  4. If you put up your own capital all the pro firms offer good leverage with 100% payout.
  5. Can you provide a list of firms that do? Thanks
  6. tdoc


    Echo, Andover/Assent and Bright come immediately to mind. Didn't mean to leave anyone out. I'm sure someone will complete the list for you. It seems that firms that offer a percentage payout are for the folks who don't want to trade their own capital, or don't have enough to get started. OK, get busy!
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    Redwood also has 100% payout and a program were you don't need a s-7 for remote, i've been looking into it and so far it seems pretty good.
  8. Mecro


    Dont fall for that BS.

    Worldco will hire anyone who will put up some cap so that they may have them churn it away for the firm.

    Videos? LOL you really think someone would make a video that would teach you how to trade AND make money? Anyone can trade, but it's another thing to trade profitably.
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    Of course if you open a retail account, you get 100%!! You'd be a jackass to cut a check to someone at the end of the month for your profits. Do you mean Prop firms? A lot of pro firms have retail accounts.
  10. I have traded at two prop firms with 100% payout and plenty of buying power.
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