World Without US Dominance

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  1. Thats part of the problem with Iraq, as soon as we leave, we would have to head right back because it would be out of control. The instability would be intolerable for the entire world. We'll have a base there for another 100 years.
  2. I'm not sure why anyone would think we would not have troops in Iraq for at least the next 50 years

    We have had them in Europe, Korea, Japan et al for over 60 years
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    I'm not sure I follow the logic in that statement. Since we are here, it should follow that these things aren't happening. Maybe we should invade Mexico?
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    This thread already smells like horseshit. We need to bring our soldiers out of Korea, Japan, Europe, and most especially Iraq. We are not the world's policeman! Imagine how our own economy would have a chance to expand if we weren't trying to run the whole planet!!! We need to defend our borders. We don't need to be standing over everyone's shoulder 24/7. We need to take care of our own business. Not everyone else's.

    The people know when it's time to take on a war; not the politicians. Take Little George Bush for example.....
  5. It doesn't seem that long ago, maybe the 70's, that countries with problems were trying to get the "west" involved. Smuggling out papers, pictures, even people to tell their story to western media.

    America was looked upon to bring world wide attention and pressure on gov'ts re human rights, hunger, medical issues, injustice of every type.

    We didn't ask to be the worlds police man, more like we stepped up to the plate, when no one else would.
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    Our troops are currently in 130 of 190 countries. That is absurd. I mean, please, someone explain to me why Japan is still under our protection. WWII was quite a while ago...
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    Right on. Anyone ever heard the phrase "stretched too thin"??
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    LOL, more wisdom from the political pundits that frequent ET.

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