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    I'm looking for a good data vendor.
    I need :


    I only need RT for eMini's and EUREX
    So far I came up with :

    eSignal (I have to subscribe to RT CBOT as well because they don't offer delayed exchanges in combination with RT) as well as paying a region fee.

    Futuresource (Very expensive and data cannot be used directly in other software)

    MyTrack (I'm not sure about their data, heard a lot of bad things about it lately)

    Any comments or other suggestions ?

    Thanks in advance,
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    esignal has delayed US/Canadian futures add-on package for $10/month - i just signed up a couple days ago
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    look at IRd,

    Realtick software, data for US, Europe, Asia.


    the Eurex data is way better than Esignal.
  4. I am with myTrack and I am happy with them. I also trade futures only. What did you hear about them?
  5. Ditch

    Ditch, also very expensive, but supposed to be very reliable.
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    By the way, i use e-signal and subscribe to CME,CBOT and Eurex and don't pay region-fee. Also check this:

    eSignal Offers IB Clients Highly Discounted Rate

    For a limited time, Interactive Brokers' clients can receive eSignal at a highly discounted rate. This is a special offer designed exclusively for clients of IB, in which you can save up to $150 per month off eSignal's regular rate. This offer expires December 31, 2002. For details, please visit:
  8. It's true that CQG is very reliable and expensive (around 650$/mth for CQGNet)

    The problem is that CQG is mostly used by the big guys in dealing rooms (I have used it there).

    When I quit to trade on my own, I subscribed to CQGNet but the least I have to say is that they treat you bad as a private client with just one station.

    It's a pitty because CQG is nice and easy to use (you don't need much experience or to be a programmer to master their formula language).

    Now I pay 100$/mth with myTrack + trading export pro. Of course, there are less features and it's less flexible but if I have a problem, it can be solved in a matter of seconds with the chatroom.
  9. What about using the IB data feed?
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    eSignal subscribers can now mix real-time and delayed services in one product with eSignal's new Mix and Match service. eSignal has created 4 new delayed service bundles that can be added to your real-time subscription for a nominal fee. Choose among delayed U.S. and Canadian Equities, U.S. and Canadian Futures, European Stocks (Coming Soon) and European and Asian Futures (Coming Soon) to get all the data you need.

    The new delayed bundles are also ideal if you trade equities or futures and subscribe to only 1 or 2 exchanges -- you can now monitor all the stock and futures exchanges by adding the delayed bundles. Data is delayed just 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the exchange, and requires no exchange fee, so you don't have to worry about added costs.
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