World War Z

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  1. Thought the movie was awesome! Anybody else seen it?
  2. jinxu


    Yes. The book was better and deeper. The movie was a dumbed down version of the book. They also changes too many things from the book. In the book there's supposed to be a scene where the US army stage a first fight and lose to the zombie in the New York massacre. This resulted the USA having to pullback to the west coast behind the mountains. Where was that in the movie? WTF!?
  3. Compared to the book, I am sure it isn't nearly as good.
  4. onava


    yup.. excellent film.
  5. The movie was ok, but you can tell it was chopped up. The posters showed the zombies snaking their way to the helicopter, but that was actually cut from the film (not the Israeli helo). No biggie, but was a bit disappointed in the film adaptation.

  6. I completely forgot about that helicopter poster, good call. I hadn't read the book so I can't compare. I will say I did like the fact it wasn't your typical zombie movie with the infected eating everybody in site. I wasn't sure how it was going to be in that respect.
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    of course the book stomped on the movie as usual... that was expected. The movie was cool, but I love zombie flicks. I think it could have been done better for sure.

    There is no way just one film can capture the book. The book is awesome, I have also heard parts of the audio book which is cool too.

    28 days later still the best zombie flim IMO.