World War III

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  1. I got to admit, it came sooner than expected.
  2. Let's call it THE LAST CRUSADE
  3. how about THE LAST HEZBOLLAH instead? or THE LAST MOLLAH? yeah i know, too 'low impact'...

    ok u guys go ahead

    me on the beach in shirahama (japan)...

  4. That, though said tongue in cheek, I think is potentially more accurate than I would care it to be.
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    Whos side do you think Russia and China, will pair up with?

    Does America have a good track record of success in conflicts?
  6. Ha! Actually less tongue in cheek than you may think. While not religious based ( other than to say it is an anti-Islam sentiment) I do feel traditional connection with our crusading forebearers, and also see some gain in arising the furor of the enemy in order to make them as irrational as possible.
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    WWIII? Hardly. But I sure like the coverage on CNN: "Up next: CRISIS IN THE MIDDLE EAST! Brought to you by Denny's 'Super Slam Breakfast!'"

  8. anderson cooper on CNN called it ww3.

    We now have Bush, Buchanan, and CNN calling recent world events World War III.

    for something to be called world war III, does it have to meet a definition or do people just refer to it as that enough times and then that's what it ends up being called?
  10. And? Are you proud that you're so easily brainwashed? If they say it on TV that must be true, right?
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