World War III needed to wake up the people

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  1. Not only World War III and tens of millions killed, but also total economic collapse of major nations like USA and UK.

    there's no other way for the masses to finally FEEL (not understand, for majority are unable to logically THINK) that the current corrupted monetary system under controlled scarcity of goods must end.

    Today the technology exists able to produce clean, limitless and FREE energy, yet people simply don't care.

    Free energy will destroy current monetary system, because it will make oil and banking industries a thing of the past. Why? When you look at the Forbes 500 biggect companies list, you'll notice that roughly 1/3 represent oil & gas, 1/3 banking and insurance and 1/3 other sectors. Without money flow associated with Oil industry and with good and services 20-50% cheaper when having free energy and transportation, there will be 1/10th or less money in circulation vs today. Demand for credit will sharply decrease. The whole economy will HUGELY benefit from such change, just not in monetary terms, but in REAL terms.

    Perfectly and comprehensively described here:

    On these grounds the society and economies could start to transform into something envisioned by now 92 year old futurist and inventor Jacque Fresco called "Resource based economy" where no longer potential human talent, creativity, time and energy is wasted in "producing-nothing" jobs like: accountants, lawyers, guards, military, police, traders (yes! i said it!), politicians,cashiers, banking personnel and others.

    There's a technology for long-distance travels at 4000 mph - maglev inside vacuum tube. Imagine trips from London to Tokyo in about 2 hours! With no price tag, since energy is free. It will change everything in our lives.

    Go to for more information on this new, never possible before, economic and social structure.

    However before we'll have it...... we need total crash and collapse of the current corrupt and greatly inefficient system.

    Again people will not understand anything about what I've wrote above, or what is presented in Venus Project, will laugh at it, will think "it's impossible" or will just don't care. This is precisely why most of the people must first be horrified by hunger, diseases, bullets, rackets and bombs to start demanding something better.

    "Resource based economy" and all its implications were never discussed on ET, so i start the topic. I predict this thread to be max 3 posts long :(
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    The sheeple don't want to wake up.

    They prefer escapism to reality.
  3. Buy buy buy.
  4. Although recent findings of energetic neutrons are positive for cold fusion, no one can suggest that this energy is 'free', let alone commercially feasible.

    If it is free, let's put a CF plant next to every power substation, every neigborhood or every home.

  5. So who gets to live on the top floor of those swank new condos?
    And what the hell would we do all day?
  6. Smoke, drink and screw cause there's nothing else to do.
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    I visited the site, read quite a bit and have concluded its both impossible and undesirable.
  8. Do you need someone to tell you what do you want to do? Can't you figure it out by yourself?

    In the world where there's abundance of energy which further means free transportation, food and (in the early phase of transition) all other goods ~50% cheaper, you decide what to do with your time. You don't have to work or fight or be corrupted anymore to obtain your basic living needs.

    And if you'll want to do pure nothing for a long period of time, i'm pretty sure you'll get bored and finally start thinking about something useful for society especially when people around you will be engaged in anything useful.

    "Future by Design" movie, shows and explains much more:
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    Q. Who makes the decisions in a resource based economy?

    A. No one does. The process of arriving at decisions in this economy would not be based upon the opinions of politicians, corporate, or national interests but rather all decisions would be arrived at based upon the introduction of newer technologies and Earth’s carrying capacity. Computers could provide this information with electronic sensors throughout the entire industrial, physical complex to arrive at more appropriate decisions.

    Nice non-answer.
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    Perhaps as DT mentioned something in the magnitude of 10's of millions of people dying in a war could jump start it. Even then it would seem like an impossible task.
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