World War 3 is it coming?

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    Nothing the Government can do will get us out of this mess

    10% unemployment is here to stay

    will the 1930's repeat it's self?

    Last I checked it was World War 2 that got the U.S.A. going
  2. World War 3 is the ultimate fate of mankind. All the massive weapons that have been developed will fire one day.
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    I have only a basic understanding of things, but it seems to me that the War helped pull us out of the Great Depression because it got the government spending money on the war machine...sending soldiers overseas and opening up jobs to women and the otherwise unemployed.

    My thinking is: why must we spend money on War, specifically? Let's use the money to do something a little more productive. The government should spend money to build shit and repair shit and hire people to do stuff....rather than give out all of this money for unemployment. Government needs to get creative and devise a way to get something for our money rather than give money away for doing nothing.

    Anyway, my basic argument is that we don't need a war to get us out of this mess. We could get the same result by spending in other ways.
  4. Won't have the same effect this time.
  5. The war "helped" because it destroyed the industrial capability of the opposition.

    Wars don't help at all when it's your own factories getting blowed up and your farm fields being set ablaze, which is what would happen in another "world" war.
  6. While I can't source it, I believe I read, as disguising as it is, that war costs more so it generates more revenue that just improving the infrastructure. First you blow up, bombs cost a lot of money, and then you rebuild it.
  7. It also facilitated the USA's transformation from an agrarian economy to an industrial one. Nothing like that would be in the offing this time.
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    WW3 would be too nasty or too quick, depending on opponents. But... a new black plague. Now that did wonders for the europe economy back in the day. Watch out..... lol We could just let this debt go bad and suffer for a bit and get back to it. Or mass death, whatever.
  9. Correct, there has to be total destruction and there will be jobs for the "survivors", things to build and do again, mankind has reached a critical point where resources are getting increasingly scarce. A localized war like Iraq will not do it either, they will probably have to take on countries like Russia which means that you will likely not be among those who survive
  10. If you read up on the Bilderberg plans an attack on Iran is coming from Israel or the US. Considering Iran is trading partners with China and Russia do you think they are going to tolerate that?

    From a logical standpoint it would make more sense for China or Russia to use an EMP weapon against the US than a nuke or just take down the electrical grid and cripple the country which the recently discussed on 60 minutes.
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