World Trade Plunges. Here’s Why it’s Even Worse in Reality: China’s Deep-Fake Data Comes to Light

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    Hedge funds are using current electricity usage for their forward guiding assumptions on world trade and industrial production in China.

    The assumptions in this article are relating to the past.

    Here is a current piece of news:

    China's state planner extends power price cut to boost economy

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  3. %%
    They may or may not have gotten the idea from FDR;
    he did cheap TVA power to seven states + lots of other stuff like that/1930s
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    lol it's moronic. They pay very little as it's subsidized; hence the massive BTC mining arb. It's like the fool from AZ looking to offer tax credits for people to take vacations.
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    "World Trade Plunges" yet world shipping index Baltic Dry Index has been on a tear for the last month or so:
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    day traders wouldn't be bothered about whether the data is deep fake data or half true half false data.
    we wouldn't lose sleep over deep fake data.
    we just focus on charts and that should suffice.

    so don't worry about such news.
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    But the deep fake data was causing the charts to move after March 2020. So, if I follow @SunTrader's deep fake chart, I would have sold early Feb and started buying in early March. Perfect timing?
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    If you consider the BDI fake guess you believe everything is fake. And I'm not just talkin' markets.
  9. Good find. One could assume things are on track to be better. The market seems to think so.
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    I wouldn't quite go that far. More like rates had nowhere to go but up. For how long is the question?

    When rates go "too low" some ships get scrapped, others parked. Just like the airliners.

    If rates continue higher than maybe the worst is over. I don't believe they will but who knows.