World temps highest in thousand years and accelerating. Heat waves sweeping the seas.

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  2. The rate of increase is unprecedented. The last time temps increased on this scale 80% of all sea life perished. The Permian Triassic extinction event was also caused by greenhouse gas increase.
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    Before there was water on this planet, there was no organic matter. But somehow, water appeared and then life began when organic matter appeared here.

    If all the water on this planet suddenly went away, life will eventually begin again, when water and organic matter again appears here.

    So stop trying to prevent something that has already happened through a cycle, because you CAN'T. All life on this planet WILL go away eventually, and will begin again. What is wrong with you people?

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Why stop at one thousand years?
    Go for 2k!
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  6. The data is better for the last thousand, but OK

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    Those charts are clearly incorrect. They do not even reflect hiatus/pause in them.
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    Yup. You convinced me. We are all dying. In fact, if I remember correctly from Hansen's projection in the 1980s, we are supposed to be pretty much all dead by now. All burned up on a planet with runaway thermal excursion due to positive feedback of the affect of rising CO2 on temperature. :rolleyes:
  9. I remember 800 years ago we had a seasonably cool summer
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    For the last 1,000 years...? Yer just not getting what we're saying here, are you?
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