World Series Of Poker...who's playing?

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  1. Brownsfan, Here is more info in the link below.

    Here are some highlights if it doesn't work for some reason:

    "BY: ALLYN JAFFREY SHULMAN " - she is the legal analyst for and Cardplayer magazine.

    "There are two different sets of laws by which citizens are all bound; federal laws and state laws.

    Federally, there is no law making it illegal for a person to play poker online. Period."

    "In sum, this is a pretty simplistic but accurate answer. There is no federal law making it illegal to play online and the states that have laws, have never enforced them. "
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  2. gunslinger,

    Thanks for keeping us up to date by the way on your tourneys. Poker can be nasty, nasty sometimes for sure.

    I was just playing in Pokerstars $150K tourney (only $10 buyin, but 15,000 players!). Anyways, I was around 5000 chips after the first break. I get AQ (which I usually hate!). I raise to 600 (2 times BB) - Someone moves in with about 3500 and I call even though I kind of hate to with AQ - however I do want to try build my stack. Anyways when I see he has AQ (unsuited) also, I am happy for a while - but not after 4 clubs suddenly come on the board and he has a club and I don't!

    A few hands later, I get 22 in BB - basically have to move all in with around 1500 chips and Blinds getting high, etc. Well, I get about 4 callers, which I'm sure you understand I hate, but then the board comes 2399 giving me the FH after the turn and if I survive one more card I'm back to about 7,500 chips. Most of the callers had stuff like AJ, AT whatever, but one guy had KK. Well, the river was a K of course. Well, at least the best starting hand won, but what frustration to get that lucky at first and then have it taken away.

    The AQ hand was what really did it though - I think it is like 95 or maybe even 98% to tie when it's AQo against AQo.

    Anyways, good luck out there in Vegas.

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  3. Thanks for the info JJ. I appreciate it and great thread gun has going here!
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  4. Thanks for the updates, gunslinger. Great play by play commentary!
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  5. I downloaded PokerStars. This is pretty nice software!

    Just playing the play money tables for now. Maybe I'll see some of you at the tables!
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  6. Thanks for the update gunslinger.. It was fun reading that little story!
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  7. timcar


    Question to Mr. brownsfan: at Pokerstars thought that playing for real money was outlawed by our great US government ???

    Also hear something like QB Quinn was going to hold-out unless he got paid money as a top 10 pick ????
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  8. You can play with 'play money' no problem and it appears you can play for real money as well with no problem. See the other posts that are on this thread.

    As for poster boy Quinn, he'll be holding out and won't start this year for sure. He's already playing the Cleveland media with stuff like 'I hope the Browns want to get me to camp on time...' Time will tell.
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  9. For our poker players, are there any websites that you would recommend for learning about games, tourneys, etc? I would like to play some more but seems like I find out about games after they are done! And doing a google search for poker will take hours to go through.

    Just wondering what sites some players visit that have good content, alerts about games, etc.

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    Hey brownsfan019 one site I found is:

    Just stumbled across it one day.
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