World Series Of Poker...who's playing?

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  1. Im going out on the 18th for a week. Prob play 2-3, $1500-$2000 events. I am going to try to play at least two satellite tournies, at the Rio, to the Main Event as I heard they are extremely soft.

    So who's going?
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    good luck...let us know how you do....
  3. good luck. i love poker.
  4. Got my a** handed to me at the Borgata last night. LOL! Didn't cash in any of the tourneys. They were cheap so no big deal. The WSOP will have to wait. :(
    I did however watch my friends play blackjack with "THE AMAZING KRESKIN"... not sure if anyone remembers him or not. Google him if you care. Anyway, he lost big time too. haha! Good luck gunslinger!
  5. Tx fellas. Last year was my first time. Cashed for 2k in a 1k buyin. Of course I felt I was running good so I took the $2k an bought into the tournament the following day which I promptly exited on my 12th hand. However I got lucky and won a satellite to the $10k Main event. My goal was to survive the first day. I lucked out and lasted 4 days, finishing 360something out of 8700 for $35k (yeah a little brag).

    I played at a table with Antonio Tarver on Day 1; Danny Masterson (70's show) and David Einhorn (hedge fund guy) on Day 2, all were very nice and definitely added to atmosphere of what I expected a big tournament to be like.

    Anyway aside from the poker it was just such a fun experience. It was the closest to being back in college since I graduated. Partying on the non tourney nights with 20 somethings, going to clubs, fat dinners etc..

    Win or lose Ill give a recap when I return for those interested:)
  6. Im definitely interested in updates from you gunslinger, as my friends and I have nothing positive to report as of late! Again, good luck to you!
  7. Hey gunslinger, how did you make out this year at the WSOP? Did you cash in any tourneys?
  8. l leave tomorrow. Plan on playing the $1500 HeNl on sat, the $2k omaha h/l on the 27th and the $2000 HeNl on the 29th. I am going to try to satellite into the main event, but the structure for the rio satellites looks kinda lame (small starting stack, quick levels). The Venetian are running "deep stack" tournies all month, so I will prob play those and any money I cash will go towards the main event.

    Ill try to write a little, if not about my uneventful and probable early bustouts, than about some gossip, degenerate gambling, or anything that might make an interesting read.

    Some tidbits my buddy relayed to me:

    -Phil Hellmuth wins his 11th wsop bracelet (1 more than chan and brunson)

    -Sam farha playing heads up (at Bellagio) $1,000-$2000 NO LIMIT holdem/omaha high alternating against big name 25 year old internet phenom. Sammy had him stuck $1.2 mil the first day, the kid bounces back the next 2 days to leave up $2.2 mil.

    -Phil Ivey has bet $2 mil at 5-1 odds against a group of 5 players he will win a bracelet this year. So far, 2 final tables, no bracelet

    -Norm McDonald making deep into a 2000 person tourney, busting out in 14th place, but keeping his table laughing.

    -All around harrahs has done a terrible job running this years series. Big complaints were 4 hour lines to register for the first few events. Keeping the small cash games running inside the rio when there was not enough room for all the tourny players. They ended up stick the tourney players outside under a tent. The inefficient A/C couldnt overcome the 108 temps, and some people just left their stacks on the table and refused to play.
  9. Thanks gunslinger! Looking forward to your updates! I may have to head to the outside tables at Harrah's for tournaments. I just MIGHT actually be able to cash in those! :)
    Good luck to you! J
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    When are they going to start showing some of this years poker(2007) on TV.

    Is there a schedule or something. Thanks.
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